Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Words with friends cheat

Play Words With Friends Free is none other than the iconic Scrabble on Android! Who knows the original production, should know how to kill a great time and " move " your brain . Thus, with the possibility of the game , almost every time with millions of real players in our pop- device gain effective weapon against the states of boredom !
As seen above , the game takes place in an almost identical environments , such as those on paper. The first player puts one word , starting from the center of the playing field , and rival forms another word , etc. The whole is very good , and the graphics thanks to its neatness and transparency is a strong aspect of the game . Anyway, no wonder , because as a whole corresponds to the studio Zynga , known for producing min . online games.
More than graphic design , the interface has additional functionality . " Pinching " the screen with two fingers , or quickly double- press it will get closer . Letters from our range of easy to move on the board ( called drag-and - drop drag & drop ) , and if you make a mistake , one button ( in the bottom menu ) - RECALL revokes it back .
This screen shows the main menu that shows the conducted / completed fights . They are divided into those in which : the enemy is waiting for our movement , we look forward to the past and those that rarely zakoŇĄczone.Z because we will get a person who will make quick decisions , is available at the same time lead of 20 games.

If you want to play just the main menu, select the bottom button : CREATE GAME and then select whether you want to play with :

  •     our friends from FaceBook,
  •     random play
  •     search for a user ,
  •     someone from your contact list ,
  •     or a colleague sitting next to us in the PASS AND PLAY mode - Enter and play .

The game made ​​me feel really good both from a technical and gameplay . The downside is advertising that from time to time in the form of pop-up windows and banners placed in the interface . The reason for this is certainly the fact that the game is free , and so far only available in this form. I regret also that the authors did not use a time limit for making a move , as some players stop responding while playing . Anyway , entertainment helpful !